Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vanity Tables

We will soon be moving into our new home (if all goes well through closing in Sept.), and the Master Bath only has one sink. We currently have two sinks, so I've been looking at ways to get away from the sink as soon as possible after I'm done. I thought it might help if i had a vanity, but I don't want to fork out the cash for a piece of furniture. The internet is a great place to find alternatives such as this DIY idea! So, in my hunt for a vanity, I went to the local antique place, the same place I found the lamps in a recent post. I found two of these end tables...

Ugly!! It was wood grain on top with white paint on the rest of the end tables. There was some sort of paint over the white, that looked like it was meant to make the tables look antique. However, there were drip marks and areas that the cover didn't get to. It just looked like a quick job.

I couldn't decide what color to paint the and paint it to match the decor. I decided on black. I love black furniture. There are many blogs that I follow that love painting furniture white, sometimes with distressing. While that is gorgeous as well, I love the glamour look of black. So, I began with a tinted primer to cover the white...

(That's a new hair color you see there! More pics of the new hair to come)

Once the primer layer dried, I began painting the high-gloss black onto the tables. It took two coats to cover the primer. Marc even helped...reluctantly. Ignore the piles and piles of junk in our garage. We're looking forward to the new and BIGGER house :)

My mother-in-law is visiting (thank you for taking these pictures!) and went with me to pick out the hardware.

And the final product that I'm so proud of...

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