Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life in both Clovis and Little Rock

Marc went back to Little Rock on Dec. 30th. So, now we're living 11ish hrs away from each other. We both met in Oklahoma City last weekend due to the MLK holiday...3 days of bliss (and he got me flowers!). There's no telling when we'll see each other next. He's supposed to be done there at the end of February, but others in the same program have been delayed. And they may pick up weekends between now and we'll see.

My job started up on Jan. 5. I am working with what this district calls "D-level" students at the secondary (Jr high and high school) levels. Most of them have multiple disabilities (cognitive, communication, physical, etc). So, my job is to prepare them for practical communication after high school. I'm loving it!