Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting Week

Our lives were somewhat hectic this week.

Firstly, Marc...

He is flying now and the instructors are trying to have him fly as much as possible to finish training. (And I don't mean, finish and move on to training in another plane like it has been for 3 other planes. THIS IS IT! Once he's done learning this one, he's done for the duration of our stay here! yay) Well, the planes aren't really cooperating. One is flying overseas to join the war, while one that is there is coming back for an overhaul on maintenance, one is being flown somewhere for upgrades, one a truck drove into and broke the tail of the plane (um...can we say stationary object??!?), and one has parts of it that are broken, but aren't pertinent for flying. So, the squadron has one working plane for all of the students. Needless to say, Marc's flying schedule has been anything but set in stone. And to add insult to injury, he has a check ride (every AF pilot has random flights where they're tested to make sure they're still competent on the plane) scheduled for next week that may or may not happen....we'll see!
He also has something like 4 papers due by Wednesday of next week, and 4 more due just a few days later. So, he'll be busy for a few days.

Secondly, me....

I rolled out of bed at 9am Wednesday morning, not expecting to go back to work until Friday. I actually received a letter saying I needed to be at a meeting on Friday. Fine and dandy. Until...2 minutes after getting out of bed, I received a text from a dear co-worker. And transcript goes as follows...

Friend: "Where are you?"
Me: "At home, should I be at work?!?"
Friend: "Yes, uhoh!"
Me: tried to call answer
Friend: "I'm in a meeting. we received a letter from the director of special ed that today was our first report date"
Me: "should i call in?"
Friend: "i'll call you when we're done here"

30 min later

Me: "i'm on my way"

During those 3o minutes, I was in a panic. I kept thinking "what letter?!?" I really had not received a letter. Long story short...i'm not on the mailing list. And, to make matters worse, Marc didn't answer his cell phone all day and I was without my wallet! The phone was just "in the other room." :/ He flew over night that night, too. So, I didn't see him until after work the next day :(

Whew...the weekend is a blessing!

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