Monday, July 27, 2009

House Inspection

The house inspection is complete. We don't yet have the report, but the inspector went through the big stuff with us.

The positives...

*The attic is very structurally sound, no skimping in this area
*The hardware on the doors is high end, no plastic
*Nice big water heater, so our bath won't run out of hot water before it's full
*A circulating pump is already installed on the water heater, so hot water right when we want it, and not when we don't, saves on water and electricity

The negatives...

*The pitch on the patio roof is too low for the type of shingles they used, so unless they've taken that into account by lining the roof with something special, then they'll need replacing.
*The water heater has not drain's universal code, so that's getting fixed...or else.
*The furnace drain pan is stuffed full of tools and building materials, which could cause the pan to overflow from condensation into our attic/ceiling.
*A drawer face in the kitchen is split in three places, about ready to fall off
*There's scratches, not just paint smears, but gouges on a couple bedroom doors.
*There's no vent/fan in the laundry room. This isn't code, but the heat and moisture from washing laundry could cause mold/mildew.
*The oven isn't anchored to the wall...universal code!
...and those were the biggest issues, but not all of them

So, if we can negotiate with the builder for all/most of the bad stuff, we should be saving tons. The inspector told us "your builder isn't going to like me." hehe

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