Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fab weekend

Life goes on...

Marc is still flying, days and nights, alternately. He's also had M-9 qualification (that's a gun...i had to ask :-P), and has been studying and taking tests to gain knowledge of the plane. He's been busy. Tomorrow is the first check ride in this plane, but I know he'll do fine...he always does! Tuesday begins a new kind of training, but still with the same plane.

School has begun. Friday was the first day back for the kids and was hectic, as expected. It's good to see them though, and it's refreshing getting back to doing what I love. Therapy doesn't begin until Monday after next, so I still have some time to gather my thoughts and materials before I begin collecting data and helping the kids with communication at school.

A new challenge Marc and I have had to face lately is our alternating schedules. I leave the house at 7am, while he sleeps in so that he can stay awake during his night flight. Then he leaves for work around 2pm and I get home at 5pm. He flies while i'm getting ready for bed, and arrives home at 2am. Then it starts over. We went three days this week without seeing each other except when he was crawling into bed or I was getting up. Let me tell you how much fun this routine's not. Fortunately, lunch time is free for both of us. I have the option to work while I eat, but would rather spend time with my phantom husband. :)

We went to Lubbock this weekend to pick up a few "your trash/my treasure" items. I am so excited!! We picked up a few end tables with nicks and bumps, but perfect! We also got a wingback chair...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been nagging Marc about one for forever. And lastly, we picked up a beautiful (huge) coffee table that's painted the worst cream/yellow and is filthy, but I can remedy those problems! Pictures will come as soon as I make them pretty :)

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!!

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