Sunday, August 30, 2009

One step closer

A few days ago, I received a call from a stranger. He identified himself by telling me that our realtor had referred him. I became excited! He was someone looking to rent our duplex after we move out. Because we are leaving before the end of our lease, in order to avoid paying a penalty, we have to provide the owners with someone who will take over.

I described our place, down to as many details as he was looking for. He then asked for a website where they could possible look at layouts or pictures. I directed him to the website, at which time he indicated that they had already been to look at these lots and wanted one. They filled out an application, but someone took the place from under them. He was excited that this one was becoming available.

After a few hours to talk it over with his wife, we have new renters!!! Tomorrow, Marc is going to talk with the owner to get the details and give our 30-day notice. We will provide them with the name and information of the folks that will be moving in, in hopes that we can get the ball rolling.

Speaking of getting the ball rolling...countdown is 13 days until closing on our house. Sometime before this weekend, we're planning to measure lots of things in the house...walls, windows, doors, etc. Our plan for this coming weekend is to take a trip to Ft. Worth to go to Ikea for master bedroom furniture and other such odds and ends.

In the meantime, I (as in Marc and I) have been working on a new dining room table. I'm not sure if we're going to keep it once it's finished, but it's going to be gorgeous. Pictures to come just as soon as it's done.

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