Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whoosh Whoosh

People have been asking me how the baby is doing. I tell them "The baby's fine! I'm the one having trouble!" I've been sick for at least two weeks straight. Started as allergies, became a cold, sore throat took over, allergies to a cat got bad, and now...sinus infection.
I gave in and called the doctor today. They had an appointment for 40 minutes after I was talking to them. It was so nice! The doctor walked in, asked a couple questions about how I was feeling and said "Yep, it's a sinus infection"...duh.
However, this is an OB, so he let me hear the heartbeat, just to check on the baby quickly. It went "Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh" when he was able to find a heartbeat. The sucker was moving all over the place. As soon as he would find the heartbeat, it would disappear. Over and over and over. :) I told him that it wasn't news to me as I can already feel it moving. A LOT! It's not necessarily distinguishable as to what it is (kick vs roll, etc), but it's definitely not lying still. And that makes me happy :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's amazing how the thought of losing someone who is so important in your life gives you such great perspective on the rest of your life.  I can't go into detail, but everything seems so trivial today.

(No, I did not almost miscarry)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Onto the Second Trimester!

We have made it to the 2nd Trimester! Not that I had any worries during the 1st Trimester, but it's always there, in the back of your mind. It's nice to know that the chances of miscarriage now is very small. Here's the 13 week picture for your viewing pleasure!

I kinda look pregnant now, huh? Well, only if I hold my belly like I'm doing. Otherwise, my clothes clearly cover the bump. Mother's Day was wonderful...thanks to Marc. All the way from the other side of the world, he made sure flowers were delivered with the sweetest card ever. They're beautiful, huh?
I miss him.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marc's Birthday!

So, Marc is now also 26. He gives me a hard time sometimes about being 5 months older than him...yeah...5 whole months. Well, now we're both 26. He's not here, obviously, and he said that nobody out there with him knew it was his birthday. So, no big celebration :(

Here's the big celebration!! Happy Birthday, Marc!!

Baby Baby Baby!!!

Before Marc left, we picked out a pattern for the baby's room, and I found a set of baby gear that matched. was discontinued. There are stores still selling it, but there are others that say "out of stock." So, I bought them! See...

I LOVE THEM!! Now, all I need to do is get the furniture out of the baby's room, so I have somewhere to put all this stuff besides the livingroom.