Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

We both have today off, thanks to both of our government jobs. Our plans today involved NOTHING! I'm gonna soak up the nothing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day :) Hope you all do as well :)

We're still truckin' on the house! On the website where the builder advertises his available home, ours has been taken off of the list! :) We haven't quite closed yet, but the walk-through is scheduled for sometime on Wednesday and we're scheduled to close at 2pm on Friday. (if i remember, i'll take pictures of the empty place to show here!)

This weekend we decided to do some shopping. Friday was the drive-to-Abilene day, Saturday was drive-to-the-nearest-ikea-and-SHOP! day along with driving-back-to-Abilene day, and Sunday was the drive-back-home day. We stayed at Dyess AFB, which is extremely cheap per night. That simply helped us to save money to help balance the massive expenses on Saturday at IKEA and Target. We bought everything for our master bedroom except the mattress. We also purchased some storage units for the kitchen and livingroom. It's all stored in our current spare room, but i'm looking forward to moving it all to the new house after we close...IN FIVE DAYS!. The countdown has begun.

The renovation furniture has come to a halt. The dining table Marc helped me sand is gorgeous, but I can't decided what color to paint it. I like the look of black, but we already have a black table. White is pretty, but looks dirty so easily, especially where food will be served. Dark grey? A dark color? light color? Then I don't know if we're going to keep it. We just bought furniture from ikea that matches the current ikea table we have. Aaaahhhh, we're so indecisive!

In regards to work, Marc only has 5 flights left until he's officially done with pilot training (after a little over 2 years), and therapy is going well with my students. We're happy to have today off so we can spend time together.

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