Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010

The month of June has been somewhat uneventful. Marc is still gone, which I've had just about enough of. He is welcome to come home aaaaaaaaaaaaanytime now. Seriously.

I did take a wonderful trip to Dallas to see my girls. Ya know, those college friends that will be friends for life? Yeah, those. I got to see those :) And it was great! It had been probably a year and a half since I had seen 'em. One of them just got engaged, so we definitely went wedding dress shopping which is fabulous, or was fabulous until my ankles were swollen and I was exhausted. It was still a memorable event with such great friends. They also held a small impromptu baby shower for me over brunch one morning. So Baby C has officially been showered on for the first time.

In baby news, Baby C's doing great. He/She spent all day yesterday kicking me inside over and over and over and over get the idea. ALL DAY. That is seriously uncomfortable, even painful at times. He/She has calmed down since then, and I'm feeling much better. We have an ultrasound scheduled for after measure Baby C, make sure he/she's growing like he/she should be, and to stop calling it a he/she by attempting to determine gender! This is the big ultrasound! I get to spend approx. 30 minutes looking at the baby in 4D (4 because it's 3D plus movement). I will leave there with recorded 4D video, pictures, and hopefully knowing gender! I CAN'T WAIT!

We had our 2nd wedding anniversary on June 28! He called first thing in the morning, before I had even sat up in bed. It was a 56 second phone call, but it was perfect. Celebrating these events is hard, so all I had asked for was acknowledgement of the day, and that's exactly what he did. My parents and Marc's mom called me, too. Both my mom and his mom said the same thing..."I'm not going to say 'Happy Anniversary' because without him it's not happy, but I wanted to say I hope today turns out to be a good day." Speaking of events, Marc had his first father's day :) We are planning to celebrate that holiday when he returns, too.

Enjoy week 19's picture.

Expect baby pictures on the next post!

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