Monday, July 5, 2010


We found out on July 2 that the baby is a girl! The technician checked many times just to make sure and was very confident that it's a girl :)

This is a load-off honestly, because Marc and I couldn't agree on a boy's numerous arguments on the topic. But a girl's name....that was easy! We figured out the girl's name back before he left. So, what's the name?

Ava Dori

I'm in love with this name....just like I will be in love with this girl :) Ava was a quick agreement for us. Our last name happens to be a 4 syllable name, so we agreed the first name should balance it out. The middle name, Dori, is a combination of our mothers' names...Dawn and Lori. The week before we found out, I told my dad that I hoped the baby was a girl, simply because the name was so perfect! God granted my desire.

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Amy said...

so excited for you and Marc! Ava Dori is a beautiful name!!!!!