Monday, July 20, 2009

Marc flew by tonight!

Marc flew over our house this evening!! He called around 3 to say he'd be the one flying over our city between 7 and 9pm. I took the dog for a walk around 7 and kept my eyes peeled...nothing :( But not even 15 minutes after we came home, I heard it flying over.

Now entering Rachel's mind - -

"I hear it!!!!!"
"Where's the camera" **frantic running around the house**
**run outside**
"Ugh, the memory card isn't in it!" **run back inside to find the card in the computer**
**run outside**
"Ugh the batter is dead" **more frantic running trying to find my spare battery**
**run outside**
"Oh my, i'm in pajamas...what if they can see me?!?" **run in and change**
**run outside**

I SAW HIM!!! It was so fun that I think i might have waved multiple times :) Even though i'm sure he was keeping his eyes on the instruments..right?!? He flew over for probably 30 minutes. yay!!

Disclaimer: He doesn't want me to reveal what he flies, so no pics...sorry :( (even though I think I took approximately 50..hehe)

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