Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life As We Know It...

Here we are, almost a month and half later.

We had our wonderful spring break in New York. That is always fun. There is so much to do and we're never bored. We met our niece - who is adorable, and spent time with Marc's family. We saw Jersey Boys on Broadway. I recommend it to anyone travelling there.

We returned and spent some time searching for livingroom furniture/decor. We bought a set of 2 couches, a livingroom rug, kitchen area rug, runner for the entry way, and put up all of the decorations. The house now looks like a home.

But, back to life as we know it...
Marc left around noon today for Florida. He received orders for A-C130 training in Florida beginning on May 4th. So he's got 4 days to get there and has to check in on Friday with classes beginning Monday. He will be attending classes and simulators while he's there, and come home to finish the flying portion of training. By that time, the A-C130 Squadron will have moved here from Florida and there will be planes for him to fly. So...he's in the car right now, headed East.

My job is going great. Unfortunately it keeps me from going with him, but it keeps me busy for part of the time he's gone. School is winding down, which means Special Education is trying to finalize everything in preparation for next school year. I have numerous Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings to attend, workshops to attend, therapy to provide, and evaluations to conduct. It all ends on May 27, my last day of the school year. Good boss asked me into her office and asked me to come back next year. Because I'm on a yearly contracted basis, there's no guarantee, although I would be needed again next year, so it's not likely they wouldn't hire me again anyway. It's just nice to know for sure.

The last two months with Marc here have been blissful. It's wonderful to have someone to eat dinner with, someone to take care of errands while I'm at work, someone to wake up to in the morning. I'm looking forward to the end of June when we are reunited (and have our 1st wedding anniversary!).

Hopefully, now that I don't have Marc to distract me, I will post more often ;)

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