Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At Home, Sick...for a week!

So, I have quite a bit of time on my hands...

I woke up on Sunday feeling very under the weather - fever, sneezing, runny (now dry, cracked, and hurting) nose, chills, body aches, etc. I tried to go into work yesterday, but could tell before I even arrived that it wouldn't be an all-day event. I called and made a doctor's appointment. Thank goodness for flight doctors. (side note: because Marc's a pilot, I see the flight doctors on base) Being seen by these people is so easy, compared to past experiences outside of military health care. You get in quickly and get out quickly, with no annoying paperwork or incessant waiting. I was seen within 3 hours of calling. They did this very unpleasant test on me which required washing out my nose with salt water (yay fun!) and collecting a sample of...well...what came out :( Gross! Turns out I probably have the flu. NO, NOT THE PIG VERSION!!! DON'T FREAK OUT!!! Anyway, the doctor says I can't go to work for a whole week! (Mind you, my sick leave is all gone, so this is a week without pay...yippee) He made a very convincing speech about how if i go out into the community and get someone else sick with the flu, they might die from it. So, here i lie...on the new recliners (love these!), with my cell phone (in case work calls), the remote, my laptop, the Pipster (chewing on a new bone as consolation for not getting enough attention from the sickly version of me), and the backdoor cracked open so he can take care of himself when needed.

I am very disappointed that I cannot go into work this week, the second to last week of the school year. There are 11 days of work left before summer break, and I'm now taking off 4 of them. During those 4, my D-level students in Jr. High are going bowling, and my D-level high school students are taking a functional trip to Walmart...both very good speech therapy opportunities for them...grr. Meanwhile, a massive Autism team evaluation report is needing to be written, and the team decided I could be the one to put the report together. (not anymore!)

Meanwhile, Marc is working very hard in Florida. Less than 6 weeks until he is home, and it is a little over 4 until i get to see him again! He's been studying a lot and playing a lot. I'm guessing he's got a nice tan going. So far, it's the basics of the plane. Last week they had the opportunity to get in it and find all of the important stuff (Like the bathroom and his soon-to-be copilot seat). He's enjoying it so far!

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