Friday, March 13, 2009

March update

So much has happened...

Firstly, Marc has arrived, and he made a grand entrance. It was February 24th, I was expecting Marc in the late afternoon on the 25th, but knew he was driving all day on the 24th, to stay in OKC that night. I called him on my way home from work while he was driving also. We talked about my day and his drive. He mentioned that he had only a few more hours till he reached OKC for the night. He would be staying with a friend that lives there. I ate dinner and went to bed as normal. We always talked before we went to bed, so i called. He said he was with his friend, they were on the way home from the video store and he only had a few minutes to talk. I told him to tell his friend hi for me, and he did. We said our goodbyes and I turned out the light. Minutes later, I heard a knock at the door and the ringing of the doorbell. Being that I was in no shape to answer the door, and partially asleep, I ignored it, wondering to myself who in their right mind would go ringing someone's doorbell at 9:30pm. It rang again... Seriously, go away! Then my phone rang, it was Marc, and a lightbulb came on in my head. IT WAS HIM!! I ran to the door, and flung myself around his neck :) It was the best surprise ever. He had driven all day for 11 hours, faked talking to his friend, and given me the best gift.

Secondly, we became an aunt and uncle for the first time on March 6th to Isabella Rose, daughter of PJ and Jen. We first reported it here. She was over 8 lbs and beautiful, from what we've seen in the pictures. We are looking forward to meeting her very soon.

Thirdly, we are headed to New York again not this week, but next, March 21-29 during Clovis Schools' spring break. Last time we went, we had our second reception for the wedding. This time, we plan to enjoy family time.

Fourthly, Marc joined a temporary squadron when he arrived here in New Mexico. He will not be part of this squadron for long, since he will soon be sent to training in Florida and will join another squadron at that time. However, he has met a few people who will be with him in his permanent squadron after training. So far, they've really taken him under their wing and made him feel welcome. They even called me, asking me to join their wives club.

Lastly, Pippin is doing great. He's still shredding everything, but lately, if we pick up the shreds and show them to him, he heads straight for his crate for timeout. He loves the backyard here at our new place. The people who own the property recently put a gate up in the opening in the fence. Pip has a bell hanging from the back door and has learned to ring it when he needs to go out. He hasn't had an accident since he learned this trick. And now, he can ring the bell, go out, do his thing, and come back in, with just a little help with the door. We are really impressed and proud. He's getting groomed this weekend and is always so cute when he gets back from there. We'll post pictures of him, since he's a little grown up from the picture posted to the right :) He just recently turned 9 months on March 8th.

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