Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honeymoon in the Carribean!

We finally made it! We made it to our very delayed honeymoon. We booked a cruise during my spring break, and spent 7 blissful days together! The cruise was a great idea because it's the kind of trip where there is a list of activities to participate in and it is up to you which ones to enjoy.

Our first stop was in Roatan, Honduras where we swam with dolphins - like got in the water and played with the dolphins for a couple hours. It was amazing to be so close to those animals. And, surprisingly, they are alot like dogs - need alot of praise when they do tricks, get distracted by others of their kind, make friends with specific others of their kind, etc. It was fun cheering on the dolphin!

Our second stop was in Belize City, Belize, which is a relatively low income city. We took an hour bus ride to the Belize Rainforest where we hiked for 30 minutes to the Old Belize River, and tubed through ancient Mayan caves. There were stalagtites, stalagmites, and locations where human remains have been found - within just a few years. Once we were out of the caves, we floated for an hour down the freshwater river through the rainforest, at which time...it rained. How appropriate?

Our third stop was in Costa Maya, Mexico where we chose to go to a private beach. There were hammocks, lounge chairs, lunch options, beach volleyball, snorkeling, etc. We relaxed there, exhausted from the busy trip we'd had so far.

The fourth stop was in the Bahamas at an island the cruise line owns called Great Stirrup Cay. This stop was strictly for beach lounging, although all 2,000 people had access to this beach, unlike the restricted beach in Costa Maya. We relaxed at this beach as well.

Throughout the trip there were numerous sea days, during which we attended nightly shows, had some amazing food, and spent some great time together. Seven days was perfect - by the 6th day, we were ready to head home. We would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to get away. There is very expensive cell phone service and internet capabilities to use, but the price didn't seem worth it. Therefore you are secluded and "on vacation" for the duration of the cruise. The ports have multiple activities to participate in and they range in difficulty level and activity level, so there is something for everyone.

It really was the perfect honeymoon!

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