Saturday, November 15, 2008

We've Moved!

For the first time of many as a married couple, we've moved to Little Rock, AR. Corpus Christi was a blast, and we're looking forward to our short stay here.

Marc is here to learn the C-130. He had his first day of training yesterday and came home with a big box. I said "what's in there?". He responded with "study material". ...ouch He'll be learning academics and fly in simulators until February, and all of his actual flying will be in Feb. His simulator schedule is 9pm-1am...that's right, every time he has a simulator, it'll be all through the night.

Pippin didn't fare so well during the trip here. We didn't even make it out of Corpus before Pip threw up 3 times...once in my hands...yummy! We have learned that he drools when we put him in the car. Apparently, it's common for dogs to drool in the car out of nervousness, but that it can increase to motion sickness if the dog is not used to being in the car. By the time we made it to Houston, his motion sickness was gone, but he continued to drool if we put him in the closed crate in the car. If i opened the crate, while he hung out inside during the drool. He's fine now. We think he likes it here. The office staff loves him and we've met so many people because of him. He doesn't even seem to care about the cold.

We're gonna take a Christmas picture while we're here with the gorgeous fall foliage. I'll post it once we take it :)

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