Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

We're headed to Houston for Thanksgiving. We've got a 9hr drive ahead of us - twice - but looking forward to decorating cookies! And since we're going to be gone for the few days after the holiday, we got a tree today! It's approx. 3.5ft tall with a 1ft angel on top :) Short, we know, but we're not sure if we are gonna be able to take it with us to Clovis, so we didn't wanna spend too much. And we put it on a tray table so Pip couldn't chew it to pieces like he does to everything else.

Pip was very curious


Chris Ness said...

Although Pip looks evil in that one picture (as evil as a small dog can look) that's a very artistic picture of you putting the angel on the tree, Rachel. Congrats on the first Christmas together!

Hess Sefony said...

Marc is the 'Master of Shadows'.

Stephanie said...

I really like the tree Rach! I asked Deege if "Pippin" was from Lord of the Rings and she said yes--very cute name--easier to say than Aragorn (sp?)! ;) I'm sorry we missed you guys this weekend--keep us posted on what goes on with you guys! Love you both!