Friday, October 1, 2010

Rachel's Vacation!

I did myself a favor and took vacation during the summer, when I wasn't SO uncomfortable from the pregnancy, but when she was definitely growing enough to show off the bump. And it kept my mind busy for the last few weeks of Marc's deployment.

I went home to see my family (and forgot to take a single picture). While I was there, we opened a trunk full of baby clothes my sister and I had worn. It was fun to see the clothes that are in all of the memorable baby pictures my parents have. My mom is currently in the process of cleaning, boxing, and shipping all of the clothes for Ava. I'll definitely be posting pictures of Ava in my old baby clothes...that should be fun :) Another event while I was there was shopping for a new car...but more on that later!

I also went to visit Marc's family. It was great to see them too. While I was there, they threw Ava a baby shower!
Each attendee wrote Ava a special note in a children's book to start her collection of books. I love that the letters are written to her :)
No shower is complete without a giant baby balloon!
This vacation was perfect...perfect timing and perfect locations. With Ava coming soon, I may not see these locations in the near future.

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