Thursday, April 29, 2010

Deployment #1

...I say #1 because this is our life! This is the first of maaaaaany.

I was a blubbering mess...not the day he left...but the week before. I work at a number of schools and spent all day Thursday driving to and from schools, but not getting out of the car! I'd get to the school and spend the entire time trying to make my red, puffy face go back to normal. It didn't work. Once he left, I cried, for about 10 minutes. Then...fine! I know... "How could you not cry when he left?" It was like the anticipation of him leaving was more emotionally draining for me than him actually leaving. (With some of that emotion being attributed to pregnancy hormones...ha!) Regardless, I think..hope..wonder guessing he made it. Haven't heard from him yet, but he will call asap. So, I wait.

But, for the next few months, it's just Pippin and myself (with growing baby). This isn't the first time! It's just the longest time.

Baby news: Baby C is growing and making mommy siiiiiiick. I've not thrown up yet, but I spent all of last weekend in bed because of the intense nausea. That nausea has passed, fortunately. And since then, the cravings have begun. Baked. Potatoes. ftw. I can't get enough of them. And, as is obvious from the ticker above - coming up on 11 weeks in a few days. Some of my pants won't button, I had to buy a new bra, and there is definitely a bump!! See???

Ok, so it's not super obvious, but it's there! It used to be flat...definitely not flat now :) Well, there will be more pictures to come.

And more deployment venting posts as well! But I think I'm entitled to a few of those so watch out!!! :)

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