Sunday, October 18, 2009

October, 2009

It's been a while...sorry :( The move took all the energy out of me. Well, let's catch up...

1. The House
Our house is coming together. It's not picture perfect, hence the lack of pictures, but for the past few weekends, we have spent alot of time setting up the house. The garage is still full of stuff, so the cars don't quite fit yet. Our goal is to have the cars in the garage before it gets too cold..aka snow/frost/hail/etc.

2. Marc's job
HE'S DONE! It took 2.5 years, four locations, and LOTS of studying, but he has finished pilot training. He is now a qualified pilot for the ***** airplane :) He's eligible to deploy, but it may be a few months before that happens. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. I'm so proud!!! And the squadron he has been assigned to is fabulous. There are tons of great/fun people involved. We should be very happy here!

3. My job
It's going. 9 weeks in, 3 more sets of 9 weeks to go. I've been asked to do alot of evaluations for kids that are not mine, or wouldn't be mine after I was finished with the eval. It's fun to do the evals, and great experience, but my only frustration is that when I'm done, and i've determined a whole set of ideas to help the child...I pass him/her off to someone else, someone I may not believe would do a good job in that child's speech therapy. Other than that, the therapy is going swimmingly...knock on wood.

4. Pippin
He's great. Our mattress sat up really high when it was on the frame we bought for it. The frame made it so that every move was felt across the whole mattress. We switched the mattress onto it's box springs, and it feels much better and is low. Well, Pippin was unable to get up onto the mattress when it was high, and is much happier now that he can independently get up onto our bed. :) He's also loving our backyard. He hasn't quite got the idea of "fetch" down. We throw the toy, he runs to the toy, and from then on it's a keep-away game. Keep away from mom and dad. So he runs like the wind across our huge backyard, wears himself out, and is a content puppy!

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