Thursday, June 11, 2009

I meant to do this everyday....

...that was 2 weeks ago :-P

#30 - Laughing at each other.

Rachel says..."Marc is hilarious. He doesn't even have to try. I don't go a single day without smiling and/or laughing at him"

#29 - Laughing at people who hurt themselves.

This is very self-explanatory. "Wipeout", that show on ABC, is hilarious. We enjoy watching that show together because we feed off the laughter. There are also obstacle shows where people are racing the clock. When they fall/hurt themselves, we bust out laughing together. That is fun.

#28 - Enjoying pippin

Pippin is very young and is a little clumsy. We enjoy having pippin around, especially when one of us is gone and the other can have a buddy. He's our best friend and keeps us laughing.

#27 - Continual Learning

We both believe in continual learning. Marc is currently getting his master's degree and when he's done, Rachel will most likely begin another master's degree. It is important to us to continue our learning in our respective fields.

#26 - Having kids within the next 5 years

Rachel wants to begin having kids before she is 30, which is less than 5 years from now. We haven't determined how many, but we don't want to have them too close together, so we'd like to start within this time frame.

#25 - Similar money goals

We have no qualms over money. We agree with budgets, what we need, what we don't need, how to spend what we have, how to save what we have, etc. We have common goals in this area of our lives.

- Computer knowledgeable

With Marc having a computer degree, and Rachel having grown up with a computer-forward family, it is a common area of interest for us both. It sounds trivial, but it is something we enjoy doing together, talking about, and learning about.

#23 - Making meals together

We enjoy cooking together, trying out new foods together, and making unique foods. The important part is that we do it together, enjoying each other's company.

#22 - Playing the piano

We both grew up playing the piano, both taking lessons for many years. Now we have two keyboards and play together. It's also enjoying to listen to each other play (especially Marc) because we can both learn from the other.

To be continued...

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