Monday, December 22, 2008

Rachel's 25th

So, my birthday has come and gone once again. To celebrate, knowing we'd be traveling on the day of, Marc took me to a wonderful dinner and a piano bar the Saturday before. The restaurant was a steak place with candle light, wine, and live Christmas music on piano. So nice! Then we walked maybe a block to a piano bar and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the fun and music. Marc let me open my birthday presents on the way to the restaurant, since we were celebrating after all. A hat and gloves (much needed for where we are and where we're going) and earrings with my birthstone in them :) It was a nice celebration. Then, on Dec. 20, we drove from Little Rock to Oklahoma City in route to Clovis, our destination. That evening we spent some time with Marc's friend Magno, catching up and celebrating the day of my birth!

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Stephanie said...

I'm glad you had a really happy birthday Rach! Marc's gifts to you and your evening sounded really nice! Thanks for keeping everyone updated. Take care and we love you, Steph