Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesterday was the all-day winging event. In the morning, Marc, his mother (Lori), and I went on base for a breakfast at which the commander of Marc's squadron spoke about the base and the plane Marc has just completed flying. But, before the breakfast, we snuck a seat in the T-44 plane that was on display. Marc had fun describing all the details and answering our many questions. We also found a picture on the wall of the AC-130 that Marc will be flying.

We were released for lunch and Marc had signed us up for a Simulator opportunity. Marc's mom and I climbed into the movable mechanism and did a "smashing" job of flying the plane. LOL Marc killed an engine on us and we crashed.

Following lunch, the winging ceremony began. A Commodore in the Navy spoke about the hard work done by all of the students and the great support by the families and friends of the students. There was a spouse's presentation where they gave me a "thank you" certificate for supporting Marc. Then Marc went up, received his wings, I pinned them on, and he received his Certificate of Aeronautical Rating...means he's DONE WITH PILOT TRAINING!!!

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